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Fronis Hair Outfits faq's



Q; What do I do to make my Fronis Hairpieces last as long as possible? 

A; Overall, treat your hairpieces as you would your own hair or an expensive outfit or fashion accessory. 

See back of pack for care Instructions.

Here are some tips to help - 

  • Try not to overload with heavy products such as sticky mousses or heavy hairsprays, keep away from alcohol products 
  • Do not brush vigorously, brush hair gently with a natural bristle brush, starting from the ends and working your way to the roots
  • Utilize a good quality moisturizing shampoo and treatment 
  • Shampoo and treat only as needed, your hairpieces do not produce natural oils, this means you only need to shampoo and treat as needed 
  • Do not scrub hair vigorously when shampooing
  • Rinse under cold water after you finish shampooing and conditioning 
  • Pat hair to dry, do not rough dry when towel drying
  • Post shampoo and conditioning, apply a light leave-in moisturizer and gently comb from ends to roots
  • Shampoo and condition pieces at nighttime, lay flat on a towel, gently comb starting from the ends and working your way to the roots, let to dry naturally 
  • Minimize styling damage, the less heat the less damage

Q; what is Remy hair?

A; Remy hair is regarded as a premium product in the hair industry because of its authentic look and ability to last a lot longer than the average process.

The cuticle of Remy hair is going the same direction.

When the hair is processed in bulk, mixed in with many donors, not only is the cuticle inconsistent, it may not all be going the same direction, resulting in the hair having a rough texture, more tangles, harder to style, less shiny etc…

There are also different levels of remy hair, Fronis hair is created by the highest quality Remy hair available.


Q; What is the difference between the normal remy and top level remy?

A; when the hair pieces are made, hair is collated from the same donor, this means the cuticles lengths are equal, so not only does the cuticle have the same direction, it is consistent all the way through.


Q; what is the benefit of the cuticle going the same way and collated from the same donor?

A; It means the hair is smoother, shinier and tangle free.

The hair thickness is more consistent roots to ends.

The higher the quality of hair the more elasticity it has, this means better natural movement and curls will have a beautiful natural bounce with longevity.


Q; How often should I wash my fronis hairpieces?

A; As the hairpieces do not get oily as your hair and scalp do, you only need to shampoo and condition your hairpieces as needed. The less styling products you use the less times you need to wash your hair pieces and the longer they will last you. Generally shampoo and treat your Hairpieces after 10-20 wears.


Q; Is it normal for my hairpiece to shed?

A; It is normal for your hairpieces to shed gradually over time as per your own hair does but they should not shed considerably in the early days of purchase. 


Q; Can I colour my hairpieces?

A; With such a big selection of multi-toned colours, there is no need to colour you hairpieces, but for any reason you change your hair colour and need to alter the hair pieces, we recommend you utilize a professional hairdresser.

We do not recommend lightening your hairpieces.

We do not take any responsibility and we do not offer any compensation, exchange or refunds if you decide to colour your hairpieces.

With such a big multi-toned colour selections we are confident you will find a colour that blends in and looks natural with your own hair.


Q; What happens if a clip becomes loose or breaks 

A; Fronis customised hairpieces come with 4 spare clip (2 small and 2 large) Over time if this happens, you can use a C shaped needle to secure or replace as you do any buttons on an outfit, or you can take it to a seamstress as you would for any special outfit alterations.




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