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Fronis Hair Outfits Design Benefits




   We don’t believe one style suits all

   Fronis Hair two-piece customised hair outfit is tailored to match your individual result  

   Your stylists will cut, shape and if needed custom tailor the colour to match you hair perfectly


Hair Quality

The hair used to produce Fronis Hair Outfits is of premium quality, 100% human top grade remy hair.

Remy hair is regarded as a premium product in the hair industry because of its authentic look and ability to last a lot longer.

The hair cuticle all goes in the one direction, just like the hair on our heads, this means longer lasting quality, tangle free, smoother and shinier hair.

Hair is not collected from a lot of different donors, this means that you have consistency in quality and thickness from roots to ends.

This also means even porosity for an even result when colouring.


Compliments natural hair patterns

Fronis Hair Outfits have been designed by stylists with international hairstyling experience, stylists that understand the head pattern and the right proportions needed in the right areas. This is key to providing abeautiful natural result without clips showing when creating multiple styles, even when in a ponytail.


Easy two step home application

Through consumer feedback, key findings were that girls didn’t want to worry about applying alot of pieces in the hair. It takes too long to apply, it feels and looks bulky, plus you loose a lot of hair when washing them all. The two piece design provides confidence for an easy application.


Small clips with silicone grips around hairline

Larger clips with silicone grips are utilized internally where security is needed and small clips with silicone grips are utilized around the external areas for a seamless result around the hairline.


Fine layers of hair are used at the base

Most clip-in hair can be bulky and uncomfortable, Fronis Hair Outfits are designed by applying really fine layers of hair on top of one another resulting in a smooth undetectable result.


Piece two comes all the way around to the sides

Through design testing it was key to have a design that filled the sides of the head providing balanced proportions, this provides a beautiful flow resulting in a natural result.


More hair in the set

Fronis Hair Outfit set is 120g, where a lot of clip-in hair is 100g, we feel you need that little extra for a natural result, especially when it comes to customizing your hairpieces by your stylist.


More colours to choose from

We pride ourselves in providing a premium product with a high level of service. It was key for us to have as many colour options as possible, providing stylists with the confidence to achieve a perfect colour match each time.


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